We are available to offer help without expecting anything in return, including counseling, providing company, or offering ideas for resolving difficult problems. We seek the public good not only for those affected by TB, but also for society as a whole, joining the right with the just and keeping in mind the following:


    -Dedicating a part of our lives to helping those who need it

    -Knowing that generosity is the key to opening the door of friendship

    -Giving love because it can be the light that brings us from the materialist darkness in which we live, ignoring those who are sick


    Our clear objectives are to always be ready to make new things, while staying focused on our work. We know that, in spite of obstacles, difficulties, or desires that that may defeat us, we have the ability to seek solutions and overcome any obstacles we find in our path.


    -With perseverence we obtain the strength that prevents us from taking the path of what is easy or comfortable

    -We seek strategies that don't allow us to make the same mistakes




    We are constantly working to improve our capacity to do multisectorial work. We know that industry is not about showing off, but rather a means for being more productive, efficient, and participatory in all things. Therefore,

    -We work in an articulated fashion to maximize the impact of our projects

    -We form alliances and societies with different public and private sectors

    -Our purpose is to implement policies that defend citizens' rights


    We are open, honest, and sure that giving others respect does not mean agreeing with other people or institutions in all situations, but rather trying to not discriminate or offend others on the basis of their way of life or decisions when their decisions do not cause harm, affect, or lack respect for others. 


    -We sustain and promote permanent, cordial human relations that are respectful and harmonious

    -We recognize that dialogue is an essential tool for the construction of consensus and the identification the common good as well as the solution to conflicts and differences

    -Teamwork is our best human relations strategy for the achievement of our objectives and both individual and group success


    We feel obligated to go beyond our own personal interests or particular needs. We are always concerned for others. We know that there are those we can help, who are hungry, live in extreme poverty, are discriminated against, that experience the consequences of stigma and discrimination as a result of disease. Therefore:


    -We are ready to do our best and unite our efforts with others to pursue our goals and objectives

    -We put ourselves in the place of those suffering from problems or who have needs and invite others to join to help them



    Our resolve to fulfill and do that which we propose is unyielding. We put to the test our ability to fulfill our assumed responsibilities and carry out our commitments to our partners.