The "EDUCATIONAL TALKS FOR THE COMMUNITY" constitute an educational program, directed at the communication and diffusion of preventative guidelines and health care. The program is organized by our institution. A select group of ex-TB patients is designated to carry out this task. They offer their experiences and will provide information in a clear and sensible way to the the participants with messages of promotion and prevention, as well as healthy lifestyles.


    Peer counseling, also known as peer-to-peer guidance, is a process of information, education, and guidance that a person affected by tuberculos that has already passed a stage of acceptance and empowerment  for


     es un proceso de información, educación y orientación que una persona afectada por tuberculosis que ya ha pasado por una etapa de aceptación y empoderamiento de su condición de salud, da a otra persona que recien inicia su tratamiento o que requiere reforzar su información o conocimientos en ciertos temas relacionados con TB, para la toma de decisiones importantes relacionadas con su salud.

    The peer counselling sessions explore the feelings, knowledge, values, attitudes, and beliefs surrounding the different aspects of TB and related topics.