• 14 Dic. 2015

Bringing a Little Joy to the Hearts of our Parents

14 de Diciembre

On Saturday December 12, ASPAT launched activities for this month that remind us of the friendship and love among us - Laura Caller in the Los Olivos district being the first Health Center.


Starting with the educational session, then sharing in the celebration of Christmas, the ceremony included the participation of Dr. Raúl Isla Santana, Chief Doctor at the health facility which welcomed the joint work being done with ASPAT, whose words were affirmed by the multidisciplinary team, whose leader is Lic. Mercedes Ferrer. Likewise,  Executive Director of ASPAT Mr. Melecio Mayta reaffirmed the commitment of the institution to those affected by TB to continuing to support them in recovering their health.


We appreciate the cooperation of the multidisciplinary team of health center for giving their time to make these activities possible.

The ASPAT team wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 to have a Peru free of Tuberculosis.


You can further support this activity of ASPAT by joining them in bringing a smile to children and families affected by TB. You can contact us by phone at 4534265 or by email at aspatperu1@yahoo.com

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