• 18 Nov. 2015

Charlie Sheen was blackmailed by those who knew he has HIV

18 de Noviembre

Charlie Sheen was blackmailed for years by people demanding thousands of dollars in exchange for not revealing that he was HIV-positive. This is what he revealed in an interview with "Today."

"The thing that people forget about is that this is money that is being taken from my children," declared the actor in the cited program, in which he considered that revealing his condition is like "freeing himself from being in jail."

"Some of the people in which I trusted, from within my closest group, I thought could help, but it turned out that they betrayed me," explained the son of the actor Martin Sheen. Seconds later, he told about the instance then a prostitute took pictures of his medicines and demanded a lot of money to not share the pictures with the media.

"From this day forward, I will not (give money to anyone). I think that today I have liberated myself from this prison", added Charlie Sheen. 



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