• 14 Dic. 2015

Bringing a Little Joy to the Hearts of our Parents

14 de Diciembre

On Saturday December 12, ASPAT launched activities for this month that remind us of the friendship and love among us - Laura Caller in the Los Olivos district being the first Health Center.

  • 11 Dic. 2015

Regional Dialogue Workshop- "Strengthening the Tuberculosis Laboratory Network" Project

11 de Diciembre

On November 3-4, 2015, the Regional Dialogue Workshop for the project "Strengthening the TB Laboratory Network in the Americas Region" convened with the presence of twenty countries. This event was organized by #ORASCONHU in collaboration with the World Health Organization/Pan-American Health Organization and the Global Fund for the Fight Against AIDS, TB, and Malaria. 

  • 01 Dic. 2015


01 de Diciembre

The idea of dedicating a day to the fight against AIDS began with the World Summit of Health Secretaries in 1988 as a part of AIDS prevention programs. Since then, the day has been observed by governments, international organizations, and social services throughout the world. The date December 1 was selected because the first case of AIDS was diagnosed on that day in 1981. 

  • 30 Nov. 2015

Loreto Regional Activist Visit- Cecilio Sangama

30 de Noviembre

November 30, 2015- ASPAT received a visit from the Loreto Regional Activist Cecilio Sangama, an activist with more than 6 years of experience in the fight against stigma and discrimination resulting from TB.