We consider the search for the best strategies and the generation of scientific knowledge important for contributing to the improvement of public health conditions, and thus for efficiently and effectively combatting the multi-causality of tuberculosis.


    ASPAT conducts diverse research projects in collaboration with institutions, organizations, national universities, and universities outside of Peru within the public and private sectors. 



    Tuberculosis or any other disease greatly decreases the economic income of those living with the disease. For this reason, ASPAT promotes the inclusion of programs provided by the state that offer social security; nevertheless, there still exist significant social gaps, and as a result, our mission is to look for support among private corporations and national and international aid organizations in order to strengthen the social care for the affected persons, securing their well-being and restoring their health.



    Our task is to contribute to improving the nutritional conditions of the Peruvian population through integrated actions for health and nutrition, prioritizing the vulnerable groups in extreme poverty and exclusion.


    Promoting the development of healthy nutritional behavior in comprehensive health-care with the participation of public and private institutions, grassroots organizations, and the community in general, and contributing to strengthening the management of the Complementary Food and Nutritional Programs in the context of the integrated health-care model, directed at the vulnerable groups at nutrinional risk within the populations in extreme poverty, especially the individuals affected by TB. 


    As an organization, it is our belief that the most transcendental route to building a model of sustainable development capable of combatting the stigma, the discrimination, and the growing social inequality is education. 


    This is the reason why initially our best efforts are placed in education on health, nutrition, and the prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases through the management of projects and educational activities (counseling, workshops, trainings, social publicity, seminars, conferences, dialogues, etc.) that aim to generate awareness and behavioral changes that will enable us to strike a balance between social development and economic growth. 



    ASPAT promotes skills, abilities, and attitudes among adolescents, young adults, and family members that enable an autonomous and critical participation, as we face the reality in which we live. 


    We contribute to strengthening knowledge of citizen rights and duties so that citizens are equipped with more and better resources and abilities to demand the fulfillment of their rights, promoting equal opportunities among men and women from different social situations.

    ASPAT also exercises its right to participation, and is part of consultation forums at the local, regional, national and international levels. 

    among adolescents, young adults and family members

  • Lines of Action Description

    We are intricate people. We live every day with the conviction that we can overcome the barriers that prevent millions of people from enjoying their rights. One of our aims is to instill hope in those undergoing a period of disease. Every day, we have the opportunity to make things better, and every day, we try to make that a reality. This is why our efforts are focused on fulfilling these goals. 

    We are awkward persons, work every day with the conviction that is possible to overcome the barriers that they prevent million persons from enjoying his(her,your) rights. One of our aims(lenses) is to sow hope in the persons that it(he,she) comes happening(passing) for some disease; Every day we have the opportunity to make the things better and every day we it try to make real because of it our efforts are concentrated in these lines of action(share).