Our Work

Our Work:


The welfare of people affected by tuberculosis is our reason for being, and we carry out our work so that their rights may be respected, regardless of health status, origin, race, social status, religion or nationality. In addition, by informing them of their duties and responsibilities, we are able to motivate and provide emotional support for those affected, so that they complete their treatment. We provide social assistance to those who need it the most, and strengthen their capabilities and competence in facing the disease and its multiple causes.

  • How we do it:

    We work through a social and educational lens that consists of:

    - Acting directly on the violations of rights

    - Influencing policy development and legislative changes to ensure the prevention and control of TB

    - Raising public awareness to improve the quality of treatment of people affected by TB

    - Working with people affected by TB to develop skills that will help generate sufficient income

    - Improving the integration processes that state programs provide to people affected by TB

    - Strengthening knowledge of disease prevention

    - Promoting the participation and commitment of stakeholders on local, regional, national and international levels


  • Where we work:

    Our years of experience have given us the ability to develop our activities in the 25 regions of Peru, as well as to share our experience internationally. We are currently developing in five countries, with the objective of strengthening prevention actions and controlling tuberculosis.

  • What we work for

    - Obtain a multisectoral response and commitment from all sectors; it is an effective way to fight this disease.

    - Empower the people through education in health care and exercise of citizenship; it is an essential tool.

    - Contribute to the national response to health problems with an emphasis on TB, more specifically, through a social and holistic approach that will permit future generations to live in a country free of tuberculosis.

    - Contribute significantly to the field in order to achieve zero treatment dropout, zero deaths, and zero children with TB.